Abstract & Papers Submission

Abstracts must be submitted by the 01th of April 2017, by using the online abstract form available on your personal account: cabinet.isgp2017.com.

Papers will be selected on the basis of a one-page abstract. Authors will be notified of the Scientific Committee’s decision by 17 April 2017. Abstracts are limited to 2000 characters, including spaces (an additional 500 characters, including spaces, are allowed for title, authors and affiliations). Prospective contributors are invited to submit papers on the following topics:

  1. Cardiovascular & respiratory system
  2. Muscle & Bone
  3. Neuroscience & Behavior
  4. Nutrition & Metabolism
  5. Cell Biology & Immunology
  6. Countermeasures including Artificial Gravity
  7. Neurorehabilitation (clinical application)
  8. Plants
  9. Spaceflight Results (e.g., Bion, ISS, etc)
  10. Other


The Proceedings of the Meeting will be jointly published in English in the Journal of Gravitational Physiology, and in a special issue of the journal Aerospace and Environmental Medicine. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted for presentation will receive instructions for the preparation of their final papers. Full details will also be placed on the website. Papers must be submitted before the symposium ends, thus no later than 2 June 2017.